Problems with shopping cart checkout


A few of our customers have reported issues on checking out thru the shopping cart after placing their Pre-squad order.  There is a problem with using mobile hot spots or mobile LTE networks such as cellular companies use.  Many of the cell companies use the IPv6 internet protocol that does not work with the shopping cart company.  Only the older IPv4 protocol is supported at this time.  With the new security  functions if IPv6, cookies and java scripting are not supported, but they are needed to place the order in the shopping cart. 


I know this all sounds a bit tech wonky, but bottom line is, if you are using a mobile hot spot or your LTE mobile network to place your order, and you are having problems, try connecting to a WiFi or your home internet instead.  Now not all mobile hot spots or cellular networks are using the IPv6 protocol, so that means some of them will work.


You should also make sure that your browser accepts cookies and pop-ups.   You can check to see if your browser is using IPv6 by going to



RJ Stuart

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